Become a mentor

Mentors are volunteers who provide support, guidance, and encouragement to the participants in completing their projects and developing their skills. Mentors should have some form of technical computing skills but is not a requirement. Any person who is passionate about technology and shares Code Club its spirit can be a mentor.

The role of a mentor is not the same as that of a teacher or lecturer. Mentors help participants work through problems and encourage their efforts rather than directly delivering solutions. Code Club benefits greatly from the generosity of these individuals who foster the learning of digital creators and explorers.

Mentoring at a Code Club can be a very rewarding experience, giving mentors the opportunity to help the participants in their community and to learn more, not only about themselves but also about technology. Even if they are already experienced programmers, the Code Club environment can give mentors an excellent opportunity to explore different aspects of their tools or learn entirely new ones. Volunteering is not only a great way to give back, but it also looks good on résumés and CVs.

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